Stainless Steel Cable Tie Tools

Manual Tools for Steel Ties


Manual tool which tensions and cuts steel ties. Offers close cut to the head when removing tail of stainless steel tie.


Tensioning Hook Tool used with Releasable and Ladder Stainless Steel Ties both Coated and Uncoated.


Manual tool with preset tension adjustment control which allows for uniform tension setting and automatic cutting on each bundle. Lightweight which allows only one hand operation.

Battery-Powered tools

IZ-BT12000 IZ-BT12000

Built for speed and productivity, the BT12000 delivers longer-lasting power in a more compact tool that’s 50 percent lighter than the previous model. It is ideal for continuous overhead work as well as tight, hard-to-reach corners.

  • 12 volt tool
  • Variable torque adjustment
  • Easy manual cut-off lever; no jagged edges because the tool cuts smoothly and close to the head every time
  • Attaches to work belt
  • 30-minute rechargeable Lithium Ion battery (2 included)
  • Delivers uniform tension for each installation

IZ-BT9000 IZ-BT9000

The BT9000 Battery Charged Tool allows for speedy uniform tensioning on Stainless Steel Ties, Nylon Ties, and Banding. This high volume tool allows for higher production and the elimination of carpal tunnel by eliminating repetitive motion.