Banding Tools

Manual Tools for Steel Ties

IZ-TT2400 IZ-TT2400

This tensioning tool with built in cutter provides up to 2400 lbs of tension and can be used on band, free end clamps, fix band and coated band. Powder coat finish helps protect the tool from corrosion. Weight: 2kg.

IZ-TGT6000 IZ-TGT6000

Designed to be used with heavy duty band or applications where 6000 lbs of torque may be required. Weight: 5 kg.


Ratchet Tool to be used with Stainless Steel Banding both Coated and Uncoated. Longer Ratchet lever allows for manual tensioning to the desired amount. To cut off excess strap push the Shorter Ratchet Lever downward. Weight: 1.4 kg.


Allows for tensioning and punch locking band. Weight: 1.5 kg.


Can be used on 1/4” to 3/8” wide band and free end clamps. This tool tensions and cuts. Weight: 0.5 kg.

IZ-TPB6020 IZ-TPB6020

Can be used with “Closed Seals” for 3/8” - 3/4” x .020 (max thickness) steel banding. Great for use with round, irregular, or non-compressible packages.

Battery-Powered tools

IZ-BTX6000 IZ-BTX6000

The First Battery Operated Banding Tool on the Market for Coated and Uncoated Banding, this tool is ideal for installing ties ranging 7 to 19mm (1/4" to 3/4"). The productivity ratio advantage over standard tools is 4:1

  • 18 voltios
  • Regulable mediante tornillo
  • Palanca de corte manual de fácil uso
  • Se ajusta a cinturones de trabajo
  • Batería recargable (30 minutos, 2 incluidas)
  • Provee tensión uniforme